The development of Discovery Bay is led by a group of world-class professionals that have utilized their expertise to conceptualize lifestyle in balance with nature and the contiguous communities.


  • Antonio Hernández Virella & Associates -Conceptual Design & Project Management
  • EH&S Consultants, Inc. - Local Permitting Process
  • Dr. Emilio Colón - Federal Permitting
  • Lcdo.Patricio Martínez - Environmental Law
  • Moffatt & Nichol Engineering - Coastal Engineers- (Atlantis Hotel in the Bahamas, Palmas del Mar, the Martin Peña project and other port projects in Puerto Rico).
  • Edward D. Stone, Jr. & Associates - Land Planner- At Conquistador, Ritz Carlton, Palmas del Mar, El San Juan, Dorado Beach, Cerromar and several other major projects in PR.
  • Dan Natchez & Associates – Marina Consultant
  • Bellingham Marine – Floating concrete dock manufactures
  • Dr. Vance Vicente - Marine Biology Study  
  • Dr. Jorge E. Capella - Oceanography
  • Dr. Rafael Segarra García - Estudio H-H, Cambio al Mapa de FEMA - Hydrologist
  • Estudios Técnicos, Inc. - Market and Feasibility Studies
  • GeoCim - Soil Consultants
  • JAT Wetland Research, Inc. - Biological Evaluation
  • Terra-Mare, Inc. - Flora Fauna Study
  • PLC Consulting Engineers & Planners - Traffic Study
  • JFA Geological Environmental Scientist, P.S.C. - Hydro Geological Study
  • Hydroenvironmental Associates, Inc. - Kenneth C. Jones, P.G. - Hydrogeological Evaluation
  • Juan González Colón – Archaeological Study
  • Dr. Jesús Vega - Terrestrial & Underwater Archaeology
  • Alayo Architects, P.C. – Architecture
  • Advance Soil Engineering - Soil Study
  • Linda L. Vélez Rodríguez M.S., PE, PLS - Surveyors
  • Agro. Teodoro Ruíz - Agrónomo - Agronomist
  • Geological Evaluation- GEOMAS
  • Echandi, Guzmán & Associates- Cost Analysis
  • Ing. Gonzalo Ferrer – Market Analysis and Pricing Studies

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Legal Disclaimer: Plan, materials, and specifications are subject to architectural and other revisions at the sole discretion of the developer, builder or architect. Or may be required by law.
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